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Nikola Broadband is a local provider of high speed internet services including web and e-mail hosting. We are the only provider in the area that offers WiMAX service and we’ve custom designed our own network monitoring system to notify us in the event of a service outage. With this system we are notified immediately and can react quickly to restore service to the affected areas.

Our e-mail server supports secure communication which will encrypt your login information and all mail transfers.

We use up-to-date virus and spam filtering for all inbound e-mail to ensure that your computer isn’t infected via our mail system.

Going to be gone for longer than a month? Give us a call and we will suspend billing while you are out of the region. Of course, you still have full access to your e-mail while traveling. All for no additional cost.

  • No Contracts
  • Free Installation
  • Equipment Buyback Program

Congressional Joint Resolution 34

We’ve had several inquiries asking if there will be any changes to Nikola Broadband’s policies regarding commercialization of user data, in light of the recent legislative changes approved by congress. Rest assured that we will not be engaging in the selling or trading of customer browsing histories. We value our own right to privacy, and will continue to uphold your rights, despite the new law. You can read more about our stance on this issue here.

*Nikola Level 2 EV Charge Station*

Nikola EV Charge Station

Nikola EV Charge Station


Nikola Broadband has installed a Clipper Creek Level 2 Charge Station, one of the few high output charge stations on the Olympic Peninsula.

This is a 11.5kW, 48A J1772 Charge Station for EVs, and is located on the alley side of our building.  The charging station is monitored by both Ubiquity and Mobotix security cameras.  Did you know that Nikola Broadband is an authorized retailer of these cameras?  Come in and see how they can be used to secure your business or home.

If you find the EV Charger useful you can help us offset the cost of its installation and electricity by making a donation.  You can also find a map to local eateries [HERE].