The Bird Feeder Camera


Bird Feeder Webcam

Charger Camera


Nikola has installed a Level 2 charging station for electric vehicles such as the Tesla S and Roadster and the Nissan Leaf. This is a publicly available charger located on the backside of our downtown location building.  Help keep this charger operational by making a donation.
Level 2 Charge Cam

Level 2 Charge Cam

Happy Valley Panoramic Camera

The Happy Valley camera is a 180deg panoramic camera. This like the Bird Feeder camera above is another Mobotix camera. Nikola is authorized reseller of Mobotix camera equipment. Call us today to purchase one of these cameras or to learn of all their capabilities.
Panoramic Camera

Water Tank Camera

Water Tank Camera

John Wayne Marina


The Port of Port Angeles has installed a pair of Mobotix cameras at the John Wayne Marina purchased from Nikola.


John Wayne Marina Weather

As funds and time allow new cameras are brought online providing new views on the community.