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– Data Caps – There are no current datacaps in place.  If we find that there is abuse of this system, we reserve the right to reinstate datacaps as per our terms of service.


4 Mbps ⬇️ 1.5Mbps ⬆️ – $49/mo
A basic plan for e-mail and social media.

6 Mbps ⬇️ 2Mbps ⬆️ – $60/mo
This plan will enable users to stream 720p video without interruption.

10 Mbps ⬇️ 3.3Mbps ⬆️ – $70/mo
Have more than one computer?  This plan is ideal for a family or small business and will provide the bandwidth necessary for multiple users.

15 Mbps ⬇️ 5Mbps ⬆️ – $80/mo
For the serious user who demands the most from their connection.

20 Mbps ⬇️ 6.5Mbps ⬆️ – $100/mo
Recommended for home businesses or big families, this plan will keep everyone streaming and getting their work done.

25 Mbps ⬇️ 8Mbps ⬆️ – $120/mo
Our highest plan available for those that need maximum bandwidth.

60 Ghz Plans – Where available we have new 60Ghz radios. These plans have high bandwidth but availability is limited by location.

50 Mbps ⬇️ 50Mbps ⬆️ – $120/mo

100 Mbps ⬇️ 100Mbps ⬆️ – $150/mo


Commercial Fiber $110/mo, 100/100Mbps, 500GByte*
A high speed fiber connection for businesses of any size whose communications needs are a top priority.