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Economy – $35/mo, 800Kbps*, 100GByte**
16x faster than dial-up.  This plan will cover basic Internet use.  Ideal for general web and e-mail. Not ideal for video.

Standard – $49/mo, 1.5Mbps*, 200GByte**
Faster than standard DSL, this plan is great for Internet users who need their connection to work as quickly as they do.

Media – $60/mo, 3.0Mbps*, 250GByte**
This plan is a step up from Standard and will enable users to stream high quality video without interruption.

Premier – $80/mo, 4.0Mbps*, 300GByte**
Got more than one computer?  This plan is ideal for a family or small business and will provide the bandwidth necessary for multiple users.

Power User – $100/mo, 5.0Mbps*, 350GByte**
For the serious user who demands the most from their connection.


Premier – $80/mo, 5.0Mbps*, 300GByte**

Power User – $100/mo, 8.0Mbps*, 350GByte**

Elite – $120/mo, 10.0Mbps*, 400GB**

Premium – $150/mo, 15.0Mbps*, 500GB**



Commercial Fiber $110/mo, 100/100Mbps, 400GByte*
A high speed fiber connection for businesses of any size whose communications needs are a top priority.



* We do not advertise upload speeds on our wireless plans as we cannot always guarantee exact throughput in all scenarios due to varying equipment and signal limitations. However, we will strive to deliver an upload rate as much as 50% of your download rate.

** All services have a maximum data cap.  Usage above this cap will be billed at $0.25 per gigabyte.