May 022019

At noon on Tuesday, May 7th, Nikola Broadband will be transitioning to new equipment and an updated billing system.

The goal is to make all things more manageable for customers, and staff, as usage of our broadband service has grown in recent years. We’re hoping to start offering you an online portal to manage your billing, as well as see data usage & track any issues related to your Broadband service. Core networking will receive some upgrades, and we will have additional tools to assist you if something does go wrong in your broadband service.

In the coming week, you may see notifications from our online portal regarding billing, new account creation, or modifications made to an account.

It is safe to disregard any invoice or notifications generated, as we refine the system and move toward the planned launch date. However, if you are sent a invoice/bill that looks incorrect for your account, please do notify us at prompt that we can make any necessary corrections prior to the 05/07 launch date.

Feel free to take a preview tour of our planned portal at , and we’d love to hear any feedback you may have. Features like being able to pay your bill online will added as the roll-out progresses.

All customers can anticipate a 15 minute service interruption occurring at 12:00pm on 2019/05/07, however if you have a service interruption lasting longer than this on the day being announced, please do give us a call at (360) 582-1051

Post expires at 11:59pm on Wednesday May 15th, 2019

Apr 152019

After taxes are in, Nikola Broadband will begin overnight testing of a new payment and billing system. Many of you have been asking for a way to pay bills online/outside of office hours, and we listened.

We’re hoping that the new portal will be more convenient as a way to manage your data usage and billing in a simple, unified interface. The overnight redesign and testing phase also gives us the opportunity to add higher speed, high-availability fiber links (and other secret sauce) to our core infrastructure.

If you happen to be surfing in the overnight hours, please let know if you experience a connectivity issue lasting longer than 15 minutes. There are a few accounts from our subscriber list that do not have current equipment correctly associated to them, and although we hope to catch most of these before going live, you can help us make sure you are ready for the transition by sending along your MAC address (it’s usually on the sticker on the bottom of your routing device) before we roll out the online portal, and our other planned infrastructure upgrades.

Post expires at 11:59pm on Sunday April 21st, 2019

Mar 122017

Page is updated when there is or has been a major network issue that affects our customers internet experience.